Group Coaching with Pam

As part of our group coaching programme, we offer personalised guidance and support for women who want to put themselves first.

We break down the barriers of ‘no time’, ‘mum guilt’ and ‘no energy’ to unleash their full potential to get the results they long for.

We’ll help you gain the headspace you need to make life simpler and more manageable while keeping it real-to-life.

You’ll develop time-saving tactics, time-efficient workouts and along with a great support network and your determination, this will give you all you need to make yourself the priority and get your results.

I promise your favourite foods will still feature, you’ll lose the guilt over having a ‘day off’ and you’ll start to look at exercise, nutrition and lifestyle differently rather than something else to add to your day.

My mission is to educate you on exercise, nutrition and lifestyle habits and how it’s imperative to have these as part of your routine if you want the energy to keep up with life.

This lifestyle transformation programme is designed to fit into family life, not complicate it. This education will free you from the hamster wheel of ‘cheat meals’, ‘mum guilt’ and ‘starting again on Monday’ because it’s a mindset shift for life. 

You’ll be reclaiming you

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