Fit For Delivery

Our bodies do such amazing things in pregnancy; if allowing a grown woman to function daily isn’t enough it allows you to grow a human too.  It truly is miraculous and it’s a time where we should be exercising to prepare us for labour and recovering from birth.  How much time do we spend preparing for our birth recovery?  Not much, so that’s why I created my FIT FOR DELIVERY programme to help mummies-to-be understand what’s going on in their body and what we can do to help it along.

The 4th trimester is a huge stage for both women and babies where you get to properly meet each other and start bonding.  Along with hormonal changes, there are many physical changes we need to adapt to including restoring our core, pelvic floor and postural changes from pregnancy and birth.  My Fit for Delivery programme is fully focused on this aspect of pregnancy which is often over-looked. 

This isn’t just a pregnancy exercise class; it’s about preparing you for birth and mummy-hood both physically and mentally but also being realistic and practical.  

Exercising safely and effectively at this time is very important.  It’s much more than ‘taking it easy’ or choosing the lower intensity versions of exercises but choosing specific exercises that mimic mummy movement patterns to make sure we are functional and strong enough to carry out these movements.  Ensuring you are guided by someone knowledgeable and who knows what’s going on in your body at any specific time in pregnancy is important to get the most out of your exercise at this point in your life. 

As part of the 6-week course you receive

  • A weekly class
  • Pregnancy nutrition guide
  • Weekly exercise videos with options for each trimester
  • Specific guidelines for back pain and pelvic girdle pain
  • Specific moves to carry out later in pregnancy to encourage baby into optimal position as well as preparing the body for labour
  • An ‘early day’ exercise guide so you know what you can do to help your recovery in those initial weeks after baby has arrived
  • An ‘early days’ nutrition guide with guidance on what to eat and drink to aid your recovery
  • A guide to c-section, birth intervention and induction processes to prepare for all eventualities

We work closely together to tailor your exercise to your needs and for this reason class numbers are kept small.  With your body changing weekly in pregnancy, your exercises should reflect that and it is important to be in regular contact with me to let me know about any changes that arise. 

Meeting like-minded mums is another benefit of the class as you are all at the same stage and it’s comforting to know others feel the same as you at times.

Due to COVID-19 this course is not currently running on a face-to-face basis.  Please contact me for details on virtual sessions