Know Your Hormones

Know Your Hormones, Sunday 2nd August, 10:00am


Are you age 35+ and feel your body is changing?

Your body doesn’t respond to exercise and nutrition like it did 10 years ago or before you had children?

Do you feel the effects of mood swings, irritability, sleep disturbance, brain fog, poor memory & concentration, increased fat gain, hot flushes & night sweats, dry & itchy skin, hair loss, low energy levels, heavy or irregular periods, vaginal dryness, lack of libido, pelvic floor dysfunction, change in thyroid function, low mood, anxiety, lack of confidence or you feel like you’re heading toward menopause?

This could be as a result of hormonal change as these are all common side effects.  There are lots of nutrition, exercise and lifestyle factors that can contribute to making these symptoms worse which is good news because it also means they can make these symptoms better.

During this workshop we’ll be discussing some of the major hormones that can cause changes in the body, mainly Cortisol, Oestrogen, Progesterone, Insulin and the Thyroid hormones.  What their function is in the body, what happens when they are out of sync and steps we can take to re-balance them.  We’ll be looking at the health implications that these hormonal changes can have on us and why the exercise and nutrition plans we followed 10 years ago to lose weight isn’t going to work now.

This workshop is ideal for any women over the age of 35 and feel they are going through a bit of a change, if you are in the peri-menopause or going through the menopause or can relate to any of the symptoms described above on a daily basis.

Join me via ZOOM on Sunday 2nd August at 10:00am to learn exactly what your body needs as a female to help re-balance our hormones to improve our symptoms.  The workshop costs £20 but you can save £5 when using the code ‘SAVE5’ at the check-out before Sunday 26th August.