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Hi there, I thought my first official blog post should be to introduce myself and let you know what I want this blog to do for you. So here we are.

I’m Pam, aged 42 and I’m your friendly Exercise, Nutrition & Life Coach. I’ve working in fitness since 2000 with lots of different job titles so it’s been quite a while! My main area of expertise is women’s health. So my thing is educating and supporting women through pregnancy, their post-natal recovery and hormonal change. 

After I had my first baby in 2014, I experienced how underserved women are in regards to their health and wellness and unless women go out and look for it themselves, they’re just left to ‘get on with it’. These are ACTUAL words my clients have experienced from health professionals.  

Topics like pelvic floor, periods and menopause and can be very taboo and if we talk about them more, they become more accepted because this the type of stuff the average woman is dealing with. I want to offer a safe space for you to feel listened too, supported and advised on your own personal needs.

Thankfully more and more people are openly talking about these topics; workplaces are doing more for their employees and we can see that we’re not alone in this. Programmes like the one Davina McCall presented (love her or hate her) with Dr Louise Newson have been really helpful in this too. 

Being a mum of 3, running a business and dealing with the majority of things for the kids, I get how it feels. Tired, burnout, exhausted, can’t think straight, needing more hours in the day (which you’d just fill with more stuff anyway!), can’t sleep well, feeling the pressure to do it all and look after yourself too. 

This is where I come in. I recently trained as life coach because I truly believe it’s not necessarily the nutrition and exercise for people (albeit they are important and some people need more advice and support with these) but everything else that goes on in their lives; setting boundaries, finding time, finding energy, putting themselves first, relationship stress, friends & family’s expectations of you, financial stress and all the rest. These are influencing factors in the consistency of your exercise and nutrition; sorting all this out will give you the capacity to eat well and exercise. There’s no point just adding more to your plate like 3x workouts per week and batch cooking! You need to get rid of some other stuff to all you to be that and to be successful at it.

When I work with clients we look at things in their life that they spend their energy on. Such as work, home, stress, self-care and social lives. We look at these to see if they provide positivity or negativity in their lives and we work together to switch the balance between them all. We want people’s energy to be spent on things that serve them and light them up rather than draining and feeling resentful. The latter can affect your success of your eating, exercise and lifestyle choices. When you are feeling aligned and energised, everyone around you benefits.

How can you work with me?

I run group coaching programmes aimed at improving women’s health and coping with hormonal change. I run virtual and face-to-face fitness classes (in-person in Cambuslang, Glasgow) and I work one-to-one with clients.

If you’re still reading, thank you and please get in touch to chat over any of this that you resonate with.

Pam xx