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Vitamin D – Do you take yours?


Vitamin D is a vital vitamin for many body functions to take place.  It’s so important to supplement with it in the UK because the best way to get this vitamin is by spending time in the sun.  Here in the UK, that’s difficult in winter months.  So from October to April, adding supplement is vital to get your daily dose.  

It has been shown that over 50% of residents in the UK are deficient in Vitamin D.  Think of the effect that is having on our general health.

Did you know that Vitamin D is actually a hormone?  And that every cell in our body has a receptor for it?  This shows it has a huge number of jobs to do in our bodies.  Some of these include:

  • Playing a role in our brain health; this includes brain function and moods
  • It works with calcium to build strong bones and delay the onset of osteoporosis
  • Builds our immunity and fights infections, viruses and cancers
  • Plays a role in regulating our blood pressure
  • Reduces calcium build-up in our arteries
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Plays a role in stabilising and controlling blood sugar levels and insulin
  • Helps reduce skin proliferation so with psoriasis or eczema it can be helpful 
  • There have been links to those with auto-immune diseases and Vitamin D deficiency also

The amount we get from food is minimal and doesn’t fulfil our needs.  Some animal products contain a very small amount so sunlight and supplements are the best form we can get.

We need the active for of Vitamin D3 when we supplement and Vitamin K2 and Magnesium are also beneficial as they are needed for Vitamin D to work properly.  10 micrograms per day is the advised amount but a higher dosage may be required if your current levels are really low.  This can be seen from a blood test.

In tablet form, they are fairly inexpensive.  You can also get in spray form which some people prefer.  

In summary, take your Vitamin D3 supplements during winter time to boost your immunity, build strong bones and support your brain and mental health.  Add in a Vitamin K2 and Magnesium to help it work better BUT always check with your doctor or Pharmacist if you currently rake regular medication or have a health condition.

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Pam xx