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Have you recently had a baby and experience any of the following –

✔ lower back pain

✔ upper back pain

✔ pelvic pain

✔ pelvic floor leakage when you exercise or laugh, sneeze cough etc

✔ Diatasis Recti (abdominal separation)

✔ mummy tummy

✔ pelvic organ prolapse

✔ a weaker core

Have you thought about what exercise regime you’ll do to start with after baby arrives?

All new mums have gone through a lot between conception, pregnancy and birth not to mention the change in our posture and strength after having babies.  We should all carry out a core and pelvic floor restoration plan, regardless of how you birthed.  These should be your first steps back to ‘general’ exercise, even if it’s been 6+ months.

Why join a core & pelvic floor restoration programme?

  • Your body changes so much over a period of 40+ weeks and it doesn’t take 6 weeks to return to ‘normal’, this takes time and we need to give the body a helping hand
  • Quite often, old injuries can return during pregnancy or in that initial post-natal period due to hormonal and postural changes. It’s important not to ignore these and try to improve/solve these
  • As a new mum, you’re doing many different movements like bending, lifting, twisting, carrying etc that are new to our bodies and can cause pain, weakness and discomfort so trying to ease this is important
  • You may have Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation) which can cause a weakened core, pelvic floor dysfunction, back pain and a ‘mummy tummy’. As part of this course you are assessed and advised accordingly
  • You may have experienced tearing, episiotomy or c-section during birth; this results in scar tissue that can cause difficulty in restoring that core connection
  • We experience a lot of in pregnancy and in the post-natal period so it’s important to counteract these imbalances
  • Restoring your pelvic floor is more than just squeezing your lady bits at traffic lights. To have a fully functioning core & pelvic floor we need to add this to daily activities so we have a functional pelvic floor
  • Nutrition and digestion play a part in post-natal recovery. We spend a full week on it it’s that important.

More often than not we don’t really think about our own recovery after baby has arrived; this is the best place to start.  We have a weekly focus of each of the following; mobility to ease tension. Postural assessment and focus points for you to work on individually, glutes and their function in core activation, lower back, advanced pelvic floor techniques and nutrition.  We also assess Diastasis Recti and advise accordingly.

You get access to an exclusive Facebook group with all the videos and details.  The class numbers are kept small as you deserve that individual attention because all of our experiences are different.

This is a core and pelvic floor rehabilitation programme, not a full-blown sweaty workout class because we need to build the foundations before moving onto the latter.  You’ll also meet real mums, like yourself, and we chat about what life as a mum is like; in real life.

My next course starts on Wednesday 21st April at 11:00am.  The sessions are held via ZOOM and recorded so if that time doesn’t suit or you miss any sessions, you won’t really miss any.  

The course costs £69 for the 6 weeks and I have included one-to-one video calls as an added bonus due to the currently COVID-19 situation.


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