Why Fitness Pilates?

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Why Fitness Pilates?


This is a group fitness class that focuses on the whole body working as one. We apply fundamental Pilates exercises with the aim to off-set musculoskeletal imbalances that occur from our day-to-day activities.

What are the benefits?
The sessions helps to relieve stiffness and soreness. Whether that is general joint and muscle pain due to age, inactivity etc or due to delayed onset muscles soreness (DOMS) from a previous workout.
It can help to improve posture and balance. As we age these are 2 things that can deteriorate due to less movement, more sitting and muscles generally weakening.
Our mobility and flexibility also deteriorate with age and it’s important to keep these to retain your independence as you get older. It also lets us do daily movement and activities like getting in and our your car or up and down from the floor more easily.
It builds your core strength which is important for posture, back and pelvic pain. When we add a deep core focus this also helps to support the pelvic floor muscles to improve their function.
Muscle and joint strength is important to support you through all daily activity like walking, carrying shopping, lifting children etc. Joint support and strength is also every important if you have any injuries or conditions like osteoarthritis and hyper-mobility.
It helps to improve co-ordination. It might not be a strong point but simple things like hand-eye co-ordination are important.
Due to the nature of the class, it’s slow and mindful which really helps to reduce stress.
If you have muscular imbalances, it can help even them out as we do single-sided exercise to counteract the differences.
Brain health is a huge benefit, especially for women. Our brain function is affected due to hormonal changes and this class really helps with retaining that function.
Increase sone density as it’s weight-bearing exercises. This helps to slow the onset of osteoporosis and reduce risks of breakages.
One other important thing it helps with is improved sleep. Again, due to the nature of the class seeing slow, controlled movements with an emphasis on relaxation at the end, you’ll have the best sleep afterwards. Sleep is vital for overall health.

Who should try it?
If you spend lots of time seated as a desk or if you don’t move much throughout your day.
If you’re affected with stiff, sore joints and if you’re looking to future-proof your body from hormonal change.
If you have general back pain because gentle movement may be really helpful for this.
If you have low energy levels and want some YOU-TIME, this class is perfect.

What do we do in class?
Some classes have a specific theme like foot and ankle care, healthy spine or mobility flow; these ones are available virtually.
For face-to-face fitness fitness we start with some mobility flow to get the joint moving and prepared for the exercises ahead. We then go through a series of exercises to work posture, balance, strength and pelvic floor.
We finish with some Triggerpoint Pilates with the massage balls and foam rollers to ease tension further and promote relaxation (it’s the best bit!).
The class is suitable for both beginners and regular exercisers as the intents is adapted for each person. We often use equipment like Pilates ring, min bands, Pilates ball to develop the exercises but these are all optional and you’ll be guided/advised appropriately.

What do my clients say?
“I’m always amazed by how the smallest wee movements leave me feeling the burn so quickly! I love the class. Such a different style of working out, lower impact and really focused moves at a slower pace” – Emma
“I love this slow-paced, low impact class. It really hits the spot and you feel the burn quickly. I always leave feeling as though I’ve worked hard, energised and relaxed. Love it!” – Sharon

Please get in touch for information on virtual and face-to-face sessions.