7-Day Barre




BARRE has been a huge success since introducing classes throughout Lockdown; everyone seems to be going crazy for it. So much so that I suggested a 7-Day Barre programme and everyone has been hassling me to get it up and running.  So, here it is.

Barre is such a great workout and there are many different concepts, hence why it fits in well for a 7-day programme.  I have given you 7 different Barre workouts to try out.  It’s an ideal workout to do at home as it’s easy to follow and you need minimal equipment.

What are the benefits of Barre?  It’s great for working your core and gluteal muscles which can help lower back pain.  It works on posture and deep core while it’s low impact so easy on the joints.  There are some very particular techniques which are very unique to Barre hence why we get such great benefits form it.  I have women (and some men) of all ages joining these classes as they can suit everyone.

The programme is design that you do a workout each day but you can prolong it and do one every other day and take your time.  You have eternal access to this so there’s no rush.  Your workouts include Barre Beat, Triggerpoint Pilates Barre ’N’ Balls, HIIT the BARre, Barre Flow, Floor Barre, Barre with Weights and Barre Stretch so lots of variety in there.

As part of the programme you get a 7-day meal plan including recipes and when we start on Monday 22nd February 2021 I’ll be on to do a daily check-in with you to see how you;’re getting on and give you some advice on health, nutrition, exercise and your well-being.  If you start the plan after this date, you can still access the daily check-in videos as everything lives in the group.

When you join the programme you receive a PDF download to access all the information along with a link to a private Facebook group.  You have to be on the Facebook group to access the daily check-ins but you can still follow the programme if you don’t use social media.  Just check in with me via email instead.


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