7-Day Mobility





Are you affected by any of the following?

      • Back pain
      • Pelvic pain
      • Hypertonic pelvic floor
      • Ankle stiffness
      • You sit at a desk most of your day
      • You have or work around young children
      • You’re post-natal
      • Poor balance
      • Lift weights
      • Have poor posture
      • Affected by headaches & migraines

All of the above can affect your mobility negatively; mobility is the ability of your joints to move within their designated range.  Quite often, as a result of our daily movements (or lack of movement) our mobility reduces and can cause pain, discomfort and injury.

The 7-Day Mobility programme gives you 7 different mobility workouts, each lasting 30-minutes that focus on areas including –

      • Full Body Standing
      • Full Body Floor
      • Pelvis and Pelvic Floor
      • Neck & Shoulders
      • Foot & Ankle
      • Spine
      • Pole Mobility (brand new for this programme!  All you need is a sweeping brush!)

All video links will be posted in a designated Facebook group as well as emailed out each morning, so you don’t need to be on social media to do the programme.  I’ll be popping into the Facebook group daily for the week with some other challenges and chats for you.  You also have eternal access to the group and video links.

Mobility is one of those things that deteriorate as we age so if you don’t use it, you lose it.  Adding 5-10 minutes each day (think little and often) can make a big difference or including it as part if your warm up or bedtime routine can be very beneficial for the body and the mind.

You will receive an email with a link to the Facebook group and a secret web page.

Pam x


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